Power quality and protection

Reference Power Cord GigaWatt LS-1 and LS-1 HC

GigaWatt LS-1 is a reference power cable, coming from the new, top series of power cables, fully hand made. The LS-1 is a result of over 10 years of experience of our company, the effect of research, careful measurements and hundreds of hours of listening tests. During development of this cable, our main priority was obtaining an uncompromised cable, not looking at the costs related to components and work hours. The LS-1 represents the forthcoming development of GigaWatt in terms of applying new technologies, and using new materials. It is also a perfect test bed for developing new products and improving existing ones.


The unique characteristic of the LS-1, is the fact, that during the manufacturing process no existing components were utilized. All materials, used in the cable, are selected, designed and manufactured by our company, or by a supplier, to our specification. All steps of the process are controlled, to achieve the necessary quality of the product, and the required repeatability of subsequent units. Creating one cable requires many hours of hand assembly. The cable is made from clusters of single solid core wires, made from purest, oxygen free copper. The conductors are being silver plated and finally covered with Teflon – the best available dielectric, with minimal power dissipation. The conductors are wound together with a combined cross section of 10 AWG for each branch, what creates a massive cluster with very low impedance, capable of supplying even very power-hungry devices. The wound geometry of the cable does also account for significant lowering of the cable’s inductance, while keeping a favorable, quite high, intrinsic capacitance. The whole is covered by a multilayer, very tight screen, which guarantees 100% efficiency in protection against EMI and RFI noise. Different to the lower level power cables we offer, for the LS-1 we developed a special, loss-free, passive filter from nano-crystal alloys. It is being placed in a precisely chosen spot in the cable, and reduces the parasitic noises and oscillations on the cable output. It is also worth noticing, that the cable is equipped with splendid proprietary plugs, made to our specifications. Those plugs are of very high manufacturing quality, have low connection impedance and long term connection reliability. Their connectors are made from gold plated brass, and were additionally subject to cryogenic treatment and de-magnetization.


The LS-1 is recommended as a reference cable for powering the whole system. It can be used best for high current units, but it has also proven its usefulness for powering digital and analog sound sources. The cable LS-1 HC, high power version, is dedicated to supply current to the top GigaWatt PC-4 power conditioner.

Basic technical data:

Line voltage: 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Maximum load (continuous): 16 A
Temperature range: -5°C do +80°C
Lengths: 1.5 m