Power quality and protection

SCHUKO socket for assembly

GigaWatt offers also some components used in its products, like Schuko sockets for assembly in an enclosure. Those sockets are manufactured only for GigaWatt, to the company specification. Those sockets are used in highest quality power accessories, powering Hi-End devices, like power strips, power filters and power line conditioners, in places where reliable power connections and lossless power distribution is needed. Attractive price, highest manufacturing quality and silver plated connectors make them unrivalled on the market.


The body of sockets is made from nylon in black color. The silver plated connectors are made from materials with no ferromagnetic (bronze, brass), and are cryogenically treated and de-magnetized. Hard silver plating is a process that starts during the manufacturing process (without the usage of intermediate metal layers, like nickel or galvanic copper, like some companies do – silver or gold plating a ready made product). The silver coated connectors minimize the connection resistance to immeasurable levels approaching absolute zero, and positively influence (this is the most important thing) the sound.

Basic technical data:

Line voltage: 250 V / 50-60 Hz
Maximum load (continuous): 16 A
Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 36 mm