Power quality and protection

IEC320-C7 Plug Adapter

The offering of GigaWatt accessories is broadened by another novelty - high quality adaptors from the popular plug IEC-320 C13 to the IEC-320 C7 standard (the so called “eight”).


Standard C7 cables, supplied as accessories, cause large losses and throttling of the power supply. The IEC adaptors allow for using typical, high quality power cables with devices, that have C7 sockets. Those are commonly used in projectors, laptops, DVD and Blu-Ray players, LCD & Plasma screens and other audiovisual units. Applying the adapter with a high quality cable will allow for utilizing the full potential of the equipment.

The adaptor uses contacts made from non-magnetic materials, additionally modified in the CRYO process and de-magnetized.

Basic technical data:

Line voltage: 250 V / 50-60 Hz
Maximum load (continuous): 2,5 A