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Press reviews of the GigaWatt PC-4

In the opinion of specialist audio magazines the devices from GigaWatt are among the best in the world, both in terms of effectiveness and manufacturing quality, and even surpass the standards used in the branch setting new masters. This statement is confirmed by many reviews and prestigious awards given to GigaWatt products. You can find some of them below:

High Fidelity No.68
January 2010

Phenomenally built conditioner that will fit even the most expensive hi-end systems. Congratulations!!! Wojciech Pacuła - Editor-in-chief.

"AWARD STATEMENT 2009 High Fidelity"

Author: Wojciech Pacuła - "HIGH FIDELITY" Read Full Review

October 2009

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High Fidelity No.65
October 2009

"In my opinion these changes are vastly positive. I didn’t begin with this statement because it is very system dependent but because it is also listener dependent."

"The whole system plugged into PC-4 will sound cozier and after some listening you will find its presentation more accurate. I would go even farther and say that this sound becomes the original sound and the one from the wall socket or earlier power strip suddenly appears raw or unrefined."

"Before this new power conditioner was installed, I’d already loved my system. But this is the high end. You get there step by step and not in one huge leap. That is also why the problem once identified doesn't go away. Getting back to ‘normal’—used again to my own power strip— took a long time and a lot of effort. But I finally did succeed. I managed to forgot about the PC-4."

"No doubt the acoustics surrounding instruments had become much better. That's why the strikes at the edge of a drum on “Corcovado”, a piece from the We Get Request recording by Oscar Peterson, had more air around them with the PC-4 feeding the system. It's a paradox but exactly why these strikes were stronger and more coherent with the rest of the sound. I think this is the correct sound – the one we should be trying to achieve.

The sound with the PC-4 opened up very nicely not because of increased treble energy. As stated earlier, from the first moment you have the impression that the upper midrange with the conditioner is smoother and darker. Despite that, everything is clearer, soundstage depth expands and so do the spaces between the performers as though everybody on stage moved away from each other so you can see them better. This hilarious effect of better clarity with a smoother top end was easily noticeable on e.s.t.’s Viaticum especially on my favorite track"The Well-wisher". It is very warm and focused on coherence. Any extraction of details isn't good because sounds start to stick to each other. The recording was mastered such that the sound is very dense and it has to be played with utmost precision to not ruin the whole effect. I think that my system manages it very well and I liked it before with the power strip. But with the PC-4 it got even better - much better. Better is a cliché like putting a pillow under your head but I can't help it - better is what you get when using a PC-4 in your system.

Such “smoothing out” of the sound is something we can hear in the most expensive systems. Lately, Janusz, the host of the Krakow Sonic Society meetings, told me, that with age, with coming to the system he has now, he started to appreciate sound he found too dark, too dim before. Halleluiah! It is exactly what all of this is about – better, more resolving devices sound in an absolutely smooth and unobtrusive way. Of course you need to separate that from warming and softening, those are completely different things. The PC-4 shows, that warmth and delicacy are the characteristics of low distortion devices."

"This is the reason why listening to my system plugged into the GigaWatt PC-4 was so satisfactory, so valuable, also from a purely informative point of view. It is hard to appreciate such changes from the beginning, changes that result from a “lack” of elements, which allow cheaper systems to perform better, in the direction of real sound. But when we mature, we have to face one fact: in reality sound is not so precise, not so resolving – it just “is there”. And we can approach this conclusion by following the same path the PC-4 does, at least I think so."

"Just to make it clear, I am talking about really well assembled hi-end systems, even über systems. If the sound is too warm it will improve too but you will not get all the micro information the PC-4 offers."

"Objectively the PC-4 is a step in the right direction, a great foundation for future changes in a system."

"The advantages described will be present but they could fail to be decisive. On the other hand if you already have an almost perfect system that merely needs the final touch—or if you want a foundation for the system to build around—then you must check out this Polish power conditioner. There will be audible changes in quality, not quantity. The sound will change in the above ways but it’s not about how much is changed but rather, how it is different. The sound with this device becomes richer, deeper and more mature, definitely better settled between the loudspeakers. It is a beautifully crafted, audibly beneficial Polish design that one can be you proud to own. Maybe it is not for everyone by not always changing the sound in a way we like it but it is a kind of ultimate device – the one that can become the bed rock on which to assemble a system."

"GigaWatt's PC-4 power line conditioner is a powerful device in an aesthetically, functionally and mechanically well executed chassis. It is one of the best designs I've ever seen except perhaps for the wonderful Accuphase PS-1210 or PS-510V."

Author: Wojciech Pacuła - "HIGH FIDELITY" Read Full Review